Les Aigles du Léman – Parc d’hiver – Morzine

is currently closed.

This summer 2021, meet « Le monde de Jacquotte » in

Morzine :

Click here : http://lesaiglesduleman.com/le-monde-de-jacotte/

Connecting with nature through a multitude of emotions is our ambition.


To do so, we offer you an encounter with our raptors on their territory : mountains !

For the first time, the ” winter park Les Aigles du Léman “ takes you to an altitude of 1500 m where we have settled with our eagles, hawks, owls … To make you live unique experiences.

Ski with one of our eagles above your head, do a snowshoe falconry course, learn and marvel during the show meals in a huge Savoyard chalet, drink a chocolate or mulled wine on the terrace in the sun while admiring the flight of a condor or an eagle.

This is what our new Morzine park offers you every day from December 21, 2019 to March 29, 2020.

Our winter park also offers outdoor activities for your children with our secure luge track, “Eagle Park” for those who want to ski, jump and slide, but also an indoor playground when it is colder or snowing.




The “Aigles du Léman” Winter Park is also an opportunity, in bad weather or lack of snow on the ski

area, to spend a moment in the shelter with our raptors and our activities inside the chalet.


Open every day

from 19 december 2020 to 11 april 2021*

*Open all the days (depending on the covid)



The winter park is located above the Morzine ski resort, Nyon sector. This magnificent natural area is accessible by ski from the Morzine-Les Gets ski area or by foot (via Nyon cable car). Free parking place.

Nestled at an altitude of 1500 m, the imposing park chalet is a typically Savoyard architecture. It houses the bird aviaries, the dining room show, an educational trail to discover the birds of the region but also a snack bar and a gift shop.



Our birds fly in an exceptional natural environment from the tip of Nyon at more than 2000 m. A unique space in the world to discover eagles, vultures and owls in the heart of nature.

At the exit of the cable car, take a short 40-minute snowshoe walk and discover the birds of prey of the region through an educational, fun and instructive trail. You will meet, in particular,“the baroness of Ressachaud “, ” the monchu of Nantaux ” or ” the lord of the gold mines “.


Eating out

The restaurant is open every day from 12 noon to 3 p.m.

Our menu is deliberately reduced in order to guarantee you an authentic and home-made regional cuisine.

Our portions are copious and served with a smile !

Eat with the birds above your head and take advantage of your visit to treat yourself to a unique moment,

a one-to-one meal with our birds!





Throughout your meal, our falconers will have their birds above your head, both indoors and on the terraces,

a guaranteed sensation !

But above all, it is an opportunity to learn more about these species thanks to live commentary.

A snack bar located on the slopes

In front of the Chalet, the snack bar offers the classics: hot dogs, croque-monsieur, paninis, fried nuggets, waffles, ice cream, pies, soft drinks, beer and mulled wine.

In good weather :

“La plage” and its deckchairs, in front of the restaurant, are at your disposal. You will be able to enjoy the flights of birds above your heads. 

This will be an opportunity to admire the mountain lords from the deckchairs available, you will have plenty of time to sip a hot drink while keeping an eye on the toboggan run, the “Eagle Park” and the birds of prey flights !

In bad weather :

The heated off-bag room is at your disposal. A children’s playground is also available.



Every day from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.*

* depending on the weather

Photo fly of raptor : copyright – Christian Pfahl

On the restaurant’s snow front, comfortably seated on its terrace or in the deckchairs of the snack area, witness the flight of the most impressive raptors (eagle, condor, owl) from the summit of the tip of Nyon or just above your heads.

An opportunity to marvel but also to learn the secrets of these inhabitants of our mountains.

On this occasion, a snack bar, right on the piste, will allow you to have a snack or a comforting drink.

And more …

  • A luge track located behind the restaurant, accessible to all.
  • Eagle Park, the new snow park of Morzine right in front of the chalet.
  • A themed walking track outside the chalet to learn more about the birds of prey.
  • Walking through the aviaries.
  • Inside the chalet, you will find plenty of things to keep you entertainment :

                     a ) An indoor playground ( slides, ball pit, etc …) for young children (< 10 years old ).

                     b ) A « birds of prey » gift shop including a selection of souvenir items, gifts, soft toys, postcards, T-shirts, etc …












  • 12 h 00 – Flight of bird of prey.
  • 12 h 30 – « faucon gagne », race of a skier against a hawk from the top of the chairlift of Les Raverettes.
  • 12 h 45 – Flight of the Harris Buzzard on the terrace of the restaurant and in the room.
  • 13 h 00 – Flight of the condor from the leek ski lift.
  • 13 h 15 – Flight of the chili blue eagle on the restaurant’s terrace and in the room.
  • 13 h 30 – Flight of the imperial eagle from the summit of Pointe de Nyon.
  • 13 h 45 – Flight of the Snowy Owl on the terrace of the restaurant and in the room.
  • 14 h 00 – Flight of the bearded vulture in front of the restaurant’s terrace.
  • 14 h 15 – Flight of the neophron vulture on the terrace of the restaurant and in the room.
  • 14 h 30 – Flight of the bald eagle from the top of the snowpark.
  • 14 h 45 – Flight of the Ural owl on the terrace of the restaurant and in the hall.
  • 15 h 00 – Flight of an eagle on skis.
  • 15 h 15 – Flight of the Harris Buzzard on the terrace of the restaurant and in the room.
  • 15 h 30 – Bald eagle flight from the top of the snowpark.
  • 15 h 45  – The flight of the Siberian Owl on the terrace of the restaurant and in the dining room.
  • 16 h 00 – Flight of the bearded vulture in front of the restaurant’s terrace.



The winter park is also an opportunity to practise mountain activities: skiing with a “Pointe de Nyon” ski pass. It’s a very natural ski area for all levels.

And why not go downhill in the company of one of our eagles as well as the snowpark !

For the more daring, discover the brand new Eagle Park, a play area for jumping, sliding and doing tricks.

Why not have a race with friends ? Le ” Ski Border Cross ” is at your disposal !

You doesn’t want to ski just breathe the mountains air !

A 40-minute snowshoe circuit makes a loop from the restaurant at the Pointe de Nyon.

Educational panels on mountain animals will help you discover the rich biodiversity of the Pointe de Nyon.

A secure sledge run is available to entertain the little ones. Sleds are available free of charge at the restaurant reception.

And also …





« Le pas de L’aigle » : thrill guaranteed !




Discover the sensation of flying like a bird with this glazed footbridge down overlooking the Sleeve Valley.
500 m of emptiness under your feet and a unique panorama of the Alps before your eyes. Be careful, in winter access is only possible with the “Morzine-Les Gets” and “Pointe de Nyon” ski passes.   


Falconry course 

The courses take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 to 11.30 a.m., for 4 people.

A unique opportunity to practice the art of falconry in an exceptional environment.

Program :

After a short introduction to falconry, snowshoeing with the birds and flying in the mountains.

9.30 – Welcome around a hot drink by the fire and presentation of the equipment.

10 h – Weighing of birds

10 h 15 – Snowshoeing ride

11 h – Flight of birds of prey

Price : 120 € /pers


Falconry animation

Every day at 11:30 a.m.

Activity details:

With the help of a falconer, you can fly the raptors (barn owl, eagle owl, vulture and hawk).

You can take photos.

From 12 years of age.

Duration : 20 min.

 By reservation only – duration 20 min. Possibility to do this activity in English.

Price : €75  per person


Courses are by reservation only – price: 120 € per person – Duration: 2 hours.



The educational trail ( for children only ) :

During : 45 minutes.

Price 7 € / person, minimum of 20 participants.
30 minutes of bird tour and question and answer games with a falconer.
15 minutes of bird flying overhead.


Entertainment for adult groups.

We offer various possibilities according to your desires and your available time:

conferences, private meals, private show, skiing with eagles for your group…

Contact us to organize your visit to the park by phone at 04 50 72 72 72 26.




Open every day

from 9 am until 5 pm

from December 19, 2020 to April 11, 2021


Prices and access 



Access is by ski Morzine ski area / Nyon sector

or on foot by the Nyon cable car – Free parking :


Morzine Pedestrian Rates Winter 2019/ 2020 :

Adult return trip (20-64 years old): 8.20 €

Return trip child (5-15 years old): 7.10 € 

Round trip young (16-19 years old): 7.60 €

 Senior return trip (65 years old and over): 7.90 €

Ski passes available at the Pleney and Nyon cable car ticket offices and on https://www.ski-morzine.com/

Adresse :  – Les Aigles du Léman – Winter Parc – Morzine –

Tél : +33 (0) 4 50 72 72 26

Disabled access – free parking – access to the cable car by covered escalator.

Dogs, cats and other animals are not allowed in the park.